Learning Opportunities

Monthly Seminars

A regular seminar series began in February 2018, and includes 1) seminars describing technical developments in ML with potential biomedical applications, 2) seminars by local or external Radiology researchers, describing problems that may benefit from ML approaches and ongoing projects involving ML techniques, and 3) seminars by biomedical researchers (not in Radiology), describing pioneering experiences applying ML in their fields of study. The seminar location will alternate between ECB/WID and SMPH/WIMR. These seminars will also provide an opportunity for UW researchers to become familiar with researchers “on the other side of campus.”

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2024 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title
Jan Lili He, PhD (University of Cincinnati, Department of Radiology) 1/17, 10:00am CT Webinar From Vast to Limited: Small Data’s Big Role in Medical Imaging AI
Feb Jakob Nikolas Kather, MD, MSc (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, EKFZ for Digital Health) 2/12, 10:00am CT Webinar AI in Precision Oncology
Mar Juan Caicedo, PhD (UW-Madison, Morgridge Institute for Research) 3/19, 10:00am CT WIMR 2409 & Webinar Toward Foundation Models of Cellular Morphology
Apr Pinaki Sarder, PhD (University of Florida, Intelligent Critical Care Center) 4/10 10:00am CT Webinar Segmentation of Kidney Structures
May No Seminar Scheduled


2023 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title
Jan Julia Schnabel, PhD (Technical University of Munich King’s College London) 1/18, 10:00am CT Webinar AI-Enabled Medical Imaging
Feb Ulas Bagci, PhD (Northwestern University) 2/15, 10:00am CT Webinar Trustworthy AI for Imaging-based Diagnoses
Mar Islem Rekik, PhD (Imperial College London) 3/20, 10:00am CT Webinar Predictive Graph Neural Networks for Brain Mapping from Limited Data
Apr Michael Hansen, PhD (Microsoft Research) 4/12, 1:00pm CT Webinar The Connected Imaging Instrument
May No Seminar Scheduled
Jun No Seminar Scheduled
Jul Pedro Morgado, PhD (UW-Madison, Electrical and Computer Engineering) 7/12, 10:00am CT WIMR 2409 & Webinar Unifying Audio-Visual Machine Perception – Tasks & Architectures
Aug Prateek Prasanna, PhD (Stony Brook University) 8/29, 10:00am CT Webinar Medical Vision With Imperfect Data
Sep Kangwook Lee, PhD (UW-Madison, Electrical and Computer Engineering) 9/11, 10:00am CT WIMR 1022 & Webinar Exploring Generative AI: An Introduction to Large Language Models and Diffusion Models
Oct Fei Wang, PhD (Weill Cornell Medicine) 10/23, 10:00am CT Webinar Translational AI in Clinical Medicine
Nov Mirabela Rusu, PhD (Stanford Medicine) 11/13, 11:00am CT Webinar Multimodal Artificial intelligence Methods to Improve the Interpretation of Radiology Images
Dec Ramya Korlakai Vinayak, PhD (UW-Madison, Electrical and Computer Engineering) 12/4, 10:00am CT WIMR 2409 and Webinar Human-in-the-Loop Out-of-Distribution Detection with False Positive Rate Control


2022 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title

2021 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title
Mar Shengli (Bruce) Jiang, PhD (UW Chemical and Biological Engineering) 3/3, 2:00pm Webinar Blending Expert and Machine Learning Using Quantitative Chest CT and Clinical Biomarkers to Predict Asthma Severity and Outcomes
Mar Tim Leiner, MD, PhD, Tenured Professor of Radiology,
Chair of Cardiovascular Imaging, Utrecht University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands
3/31, 12:00pm Webinar Bringing Machine Learning to the Clinic: Challenges and Opportunities
Apr Corey W. Arnold, PhD, Associate Professor Depts. of Radiology, Pathology, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, and Bioinformatics, Director, Computational Diagnostics Lab David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 4/2, 12:00pm Webinar Computational Disease Phenotyping Using Machine Learning
Apr Shuo Li, PhD, Director, the Digital Imaging Group of London, Associate Professor, the University of Western Ontario and Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada 4/7, 12:00pm Webinar Unlocking the Full Potential of Medical Imaging by Innovative Machine Learning
May Meghan Lubner, MD (UW Dept of Radiology) & Dane Morgan, PhD (UW Materials Science and Engineering) 5/24, 2:00pm Webinar Radiomics and Machine learning in identification of aggressive tumor features in Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)

2020 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title

Jong Chul Ye, PhD (KAIST Bio and Brain Engineering)

1/13, 4:00pm HSLC 1345

Understanding Geometry of Deep Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction

July Raúl San José Estépar, PhD (Harvard Radiology) 7/8, 2:00pm Web conference

Artificial Intelligence in Quantitative Imaging of Chronic Lung Injury: Enabling Clinical and Genetic Discovery

Sept Kevin Johnson, PhD (UW Med Physics) 9/9, 2:00pm Web conference

Fusion of computational fluid dynamic flow data into 4D flow MRI using machine learning

2019 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title
Jan 2019 No Seminar Scheduled
Feb James Gee, PhD (U. Penn Radiology) 2/28, 4pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1345

Subspecialty-Level Differential Diagnoses by Machine on Clinical Brain MRI

Mar Michael Lustig, PhD (Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) 3/28, 1pm Computer Science (CS) 1240 Low-Dimensional Models in High-Dimensional MRI
Apr Guillermo Sapiro, PhD, MSc (Duke Electrical and Computer Engineering) 4/24, 4pm

F2/401 Juhl Conference Room, UW Clinical Science Center

Computer Vision and Data Science Transforming (Develop)Mental Health and Deep Brain Stimulation
Oct Sebastian Raschka, PhD (UW Statistics) 10/18, 4pm

1345 HSLC 

Convolutional Neural Networks for Predicting and Hiding Personal Traits from Face Images
Nov Maciej Mazurowski, PhD (Duke Radiology) 11/15, 4pm

1345 HSLC 

Machine Learning in Radiology

2018 Seminars

Month Speaker Date/Time Location Title
Feb 2018 Rob Nowak, PhD (UW ECE) 2/15, 4 pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1325 Machine Learning for Medical Imaging
Mar Fang Liu, PhD (UW) 3/23, 4 pm ME1106 Deep Learning: Recent Applications in Medical Imaging
Apr Tom Grist, MD (UW) 4/27, 4 pm ME1106 Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Perspective from the International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology
May Joseph Cheng, PhD (Stanford) 5/24, 4 pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1325 (Re)learning MRI Reconstruction
June Amod Jog, PhD (Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging) 6/8, 4 pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1325 Pulse Sequence Resilient Fast Brain Segmentation
Aug Vikas Singh (UW) 8/03, 4 pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1325 Visual Relations, Relative Attributes and Graph Neural Networks
Aug Curtis Langlotz (Stanford – Radiology) 8/10, 9-10:30 am SMPH/HSLC Rm 1325 Developing a Center of Excellence for Machine Learning Research in Medical Imaging
Sept Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer (Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging) 9/27, 4-5pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1345

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging-Opportunities and Challenges

Oct Polina Golland (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) 10/25, 4 pm CS 1240 Medical Image Imputation
Nov Jerry Prince, PhD (Johns Hopkins University, Electrical and Computer Engineering) 11/15, 4 pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1345 Single Image Super-Resolution for 2D and 3D MRI
Dec Juan Santos from HeartVista 12/14, 4 pm SMPH/HSLC Rm 1345

Autonomous MRI

Summer Bootcamps

ML4MI  hosts bootcamps with the goal of giving participants a rapid, hands-on introduction into the principles and application of machine learning for medical imaging. This bootcamp is supported by the Grainger Institute of Engineering and the Departments of Radiology and Medical Physics. These bootcamps cover the basics of machine learning and applications for image segmentation, classification, and reconstruction. Please sign up for updates for information on future bootcamps! The source material is also available for self study. 

Bootcamp Source Materials:

ML4MI Bootcamp Github

Bootcamp Organizer Contacts:


October 5, 2018 Workshop

This workshop was held on October 5, 2018 at the UW Fluno Center. The one-day workshop featured keynote talks by leaders in the fields of ML and Radiology, a seminar on bioethics, a panel of radiologists, and poster presentations by junior researchers.

Workshop Agenda